Few words about our project

Players statistics

This information is hidden from public! Detailed statistic of your plays, characters, global rating and your teams - you can't avoid them nowadays - everything you need on 1 fancy page. Easy-to-use commands and easy-to-find buttons will make this process much easier than climbing to the grand champion league. Find more about yourself and your daily teammates! More than any tantrum of their's would ever tell you.

Group finder

Are you tired of losing games, because you are matched with a random teammate 2 leagues lower than yours? Well then you've come to the right place! Here you can find somebody to play with and still lose games, but in a more friendly environment. With our search engine, you can find a mate you wished for and who knows, maybe you will become friends, best friends even. Get partner for a competitive play or just to spend some time for fun!


Best of the best, a Valhalla for any self-proclaimed warrior, who wishes to swim in the light of glory! Ratings of the greatest of fighters, an organized list of the most experienced and respected of them in all of Battlerite. These big boys have everything: from funny snow to lots of greener-than-yours grass.

Multicultural community

This project is aiming for the community of many cultures. Regardless of the nationality, we welcome you! You can be australian, american, russian... we tolerate everyone and everything! This allows us to create the true, whole top of Battlerite gladiators. Let us unite, comrades, let us be kings of all hills!